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WELCOME TO WINTER 2013/2014! New Attraction!

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WELCOME TO WINTER 2013/2014! New Attraction!

Post by Thomas on Sat Sep 28, 2013 3:46 am

So ok guys, now that Winter 2013/2014 is here,  I decided to put this topic onto the forum. Basically if someone made a logo and want to sell copies of it: like inferno stickers etc... just make your advertisement here! Please bid here as well as the marketplace and bidding sections are for games.

Thanks in advance.

A basic example is:

John: I would like to make this advertisement in the General Bazaar! Requesting Inferno Stickers for my file!

Mark: Sure I can make you some! I will charge 4 euros for two stickers.
Jake: Umm I will charge 3 for two stickers!
Robert: I will sell a large one for 5 euros!

John: Okay Robert :)You can start working on it. I'll bring you 5 euros on Monday.
Robert: Okay I will give 50c to the Inferno Gaming Studios Company. I will keep the rest for my own!
John: Deal! Thanks man.

Website Administrator: (John gives 5 euros and Robert gives him logo and Website Administrator exchanges their things) "I will keep 50c for the company!" (10%) Thanks guys!

10% profit is deducted from the amount to go to the website administrators.
Hope you enjoy this all-new feature!

NB: It is really important that your idea/logo/sticker/cards are your original creation. Copying is not tolerated.


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